Monday, July 2, 2012

Tool 4 question 3

3. Briefly discuss how you can use the tools in Google Apps with your team or department. How can you incorporate Google Apps as a tool in your classroom? Which tools are you excited about using with students?
I do believe this would be a beneficial tool for collaboration between colleagues and on campus'. I do not see a connection for use in my classroom since I teach health and fitness and students are not sending me documents for revision or editing. My students are required to be active 80% of the time they are in my class. I could possibly be used as a shared tool for students to send outside activity to be used for credit towards their toe token reward. They could record their running outside of class with a form of a calendar and send it to me monthly to update me on their progress. I currently have students parents send me email notifications weekly and this could take the place of that type of communication.

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